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Heading Off on a BIG Adventure with the @USNavy on #VinsonEmbark

Heading Off on a BIG Adventure with the @USNavy on #VinsonEmbark

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I’m packing up my flippy floppies and I’m going on a boat! Well, not really I’m bringing my practical shoes since I’ll be doing lots of walking but I am going on a boat. I’ve been invited for a special mission to embark on the U.S.S. Carl Vinson with some of America’s finest: the Navy! I have to admit, I’ve been singing Highway to the Danger Zone a lot since I found out.

How did I get invited? Guy Kawasaki recommended me. He may be trying to get rid of me. We’ll see. In case you didn’t know, Guy would love to be a Navy Seal. Here’s his photo essay from one of his adventures. Guy has been part of the blogger/media embark program since it’s inception. “The embarks include embarkations to and from Navy vessels underway at sea using Navy airplanes with tailhooks and catapults or helicopters.” Wow.

Some past participants are Robert Scoble (please check out his amazing photos here), Jenny “The Bloggess” Lawson, and Pam Slim. The nomination process can take from a few days to three years starting from the time of nomination to vetting by the Navy and finally selection and embarkation to a ship at sea.  Dennis Hall, founder of Avere Group LLC, made my embark possible via his nomination of me.  Dennis Hall initially submitted my nomination to the Deputy Public Affairs Officer for the Commander, Naval Air Forces – Pacific, US Pacific Fleet for the Distinguished Visitors  Program. They checked me out, I was approved. Imagine that! Thank you for all your work in putting this together, Dennis.

The universal hashtag for the embark is #vinsonembark. Twitter Handles of embark participants and support organizations so you can give them a tweet:

- USS Carl Vinson  - (1)@CVN70







I’ll be heading out to sea with a fine crew of media and blogger peers:

Analisa’s made a Twitter list if you’d like to follow everyone.

Jeremy Epstein, Vice President of Marketing with Sprinklr, (@Jer979)

Phil Giordano, Senior Software Systems Engineer, The MITRE Corporation (@GiordanoPhilip)

Kim Merrill, Principal & Founder, Merrill Marketing/Communications (@KimMerrill)

Rocky Barbanica, Managing Producer, Rackspace Hosting (@rocmanUSA)

Don Levy, Founder, Smith Brook Farm Consultancy (@dblevy)

Steve Broback, @sbroback Christian Rahl Cisco, (@rahlxcb)

Analisa Farias, Community Manager at USAA (@analisafarias)

Bill Wohl, PR guy, Volunteer firefighter and EMT (@billwohl61)

Nick Turner, Founding Partner, TV4 Entertainment (@nickturner101)

Susan Katz Keating, Author, journalist, blogger, veteran, and troop supporter (@SKatzKeating)

Brett Murray, Global Marketing Campaigns, Mobile, NVIDIA Corporation (@oyingo)

Stephen G. Bustin of Bustin Media (@stevenbustin)

My pre-trip adventure starts with a stay at the Kimpton in San Diego and then I’ll be WAY out of my element on a ship at sea. This will be my first stay at a Kimpton as their official brand ambassador so I’m extra excited.

I’ll be taking photos and asking questions so I can share this really cool adventure with you when I get back. Can I stay out of trouble for twenty-four hours? We’ll see…  It’s sure to be a life-changing event!

Photo credit: Robert Scoble via Flickr/CC

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

Article Name
Heading Off on a BIG Adventure with the @USNavy on #VinsonEmbark
Peg is going on an embark with the US Navy as part of a blogger/media VIP event.
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