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Pinterest quietly pops out a fantastic new layout

Pinterest quietly pops out a fantastic new layout

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While Facebook was off with their big update show and Google+ snuck in a juicy update, Pinterest quietly gave selected users a preview of what they’ve been up to behind the scenes at Pinterest.

How do you know if you have the option to see the preview? You’ll see this on the left side of your screen:

pinterest preview


If you have this preview, you can toggle between the new and the old version but honestly, you won’t want to. The new version is beautiful and even more user friendly. The first thing I did when I got the update was contact my friend Kelly Lieberman, host of #PinChat, who is the most well versed social media professional I know on Pinterest to see if she had the new version.

Here are Kelly’s thoughts on the Pinterest update and the benefits of them.

1. Large red Pin it button instead of Repin. A button leading to the source website at the top of the pin which is a huge bonus to drive traffic.

Pinterest tips


2. The price listed in the pin description is not longer a banner across the pin but now a bubble in the top right corner. Before you pin or on the pin board you see this view and the second is once you click the pin.


Pinterest3. Your view surrounding each pin is enhanced. You can easily see other pins from this board and from this site.

enchanced pin board


My favorite new feature is the “people who pinned this also pinned” which is below the pin that you’re looking at. While looking at this beautiful pin by Kalebra Kelby, I was treated to the pins related pins which were all equally pinnable. Kalebra hosts The Pinterest Show on Google+, a fun and great way to enjoy Pinterest.



A few additional items of note:

  • Repins and Likes can be seen but are not clickable.
  • This info can only be seen in the Recent Activity section or via email notifications.
  • If you switch to the New Look adjust your email notifications if you want to see who is repinning,
  • liking, and commenting.

If you’re brand new to Pinterest, check out Pinning 101 on the Pinterest website. Just for fun, my favorite pin this week that I found on Evan Sharp’s, the co-founder of Pinterest, Pinterest board.

Pinterest jobThanks to Kelly Lieberman for sharing her thoughts on the new Pinterest update with me! Make sure you follow her on Pinterest and check out her #PinChat on Wednesday nights at 9 pm EST on Twitter.

Do you have the new Pinterest layout? What do you like or dislike about it?

Photo credit Big Stock Photos.
Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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