Spark Positive Thoughts


A recent study showed that Twitter followers enjoy following people who tweet positively.  “Expressing negative sentiments in tweets is the second most harmful factor to growing a Twitter audience,” say researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology. They speculate about why: “This might be because Twitter is a medium dominated by very weak social ties, and negative sentiment from strangers may be unpleasant or uncomfortable for a potential
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Be Positive: Ten Positive Women Totally Rocking Social Media

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For the final article in my Be Positive series, I want to share some of the positive women that I love in my social world.  These bright ladies are some of the shining stars I see each day when I sign on my computer. They have similar qualities: great leaders, helpful, and are all hard workers however; each also possess unique talents which make them standout in the socialsphere. Choosing to be positive and maintaining a professional presence
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Be Positive: Books to Nurture Your Positive Spirit

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Last week I wrote about Why Your Social Media Persona Really Does Matter and for part two in this Be Positive series I want to share some resources to help nurture your positive spirit.  If your spirit is dragging due to stress, responsibilities or just plain old life, giving it a boost with some positive vibes can get you back on track. Alternatively, if your spirit is strong and glowing keep the momentum by feeding it. Some things that I
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Be Positive: Why Your Social Media Persona Really Does Matter

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What is your social media persona? It's how people see you in all your online presence rolled into a big ball. It's the text in your bio, your social media avatar, all the visual elements, and last but not least what you say, of course, counts as well. Using all these pieces, snap decisions are made to follow you or not. Let's look at how you can create a social media persona worth following. Be positive. “An attitude of positive
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