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My Pinteresting Visit to the Pinterest HQ!

My Pinteresting Visit to the Pinterest HQ!

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I was blessed, and I do mean blessed, by a fantastic tour around San Francisco and Silicon Valley for what I call the Ultimate Geek Day with Guy Kawasaki as my tour guide. I’ll be sharing photos and stories from our day and I’m starting with our first stop which was Pinterest.

I was most excited to visit Pinterest of all the places that we had planned for the day. I love Pinterest, really love it! I found out via email at 3:30 am the weekend before that Pinterest was confirmed and I immediately posted on Google+ with the Pin All the Things meme. I know that all my social media friends and blog readers wanted all the details on this visit so there will be a lot of photos and I’ll pin them as well. Guy posted all his photos on Google+ and they are amazing.

What is Pinterest? In their own words:

pinterest motto


This is the first photo of the day, you can see I’m flipping out excited. Guy may be questioning his choice to bring me to Pinterest because I am a Pinterest fan girl. It takes a brave, brave man to take a Pinterest crazy social media girl to visit the Pinterest headquarters. Uber Cars sponsored our day by providing a car and driver. So classy.

Pinterest just moved to a new location and I was interested to see what kind of space they had created. The office is located in San Francisco in a very cool, laid back loft. They are still creating and decorating the space but it already has a WOW factor. It’s being put together in a thoughtful and creative approach with a keen eye on design, just like everything Pinterest.

 I spy with my little eye… Pinterest!

pinterest sign

This collage is the Pinterest lobby. All the individual photos will be pinned on my Silicon Valley Tour #GeekDay Pinterest board. Note the coffee table made of rulers and the Ryan Gosling book. pinterest collage 1

Pinterest welcome

Hey Girl!

Pinterest Hey Girl I told our guide how much I loved the RG book on the table and she told me that Pinterest LOVES Hey Girls! I told her about my friend Beki and our obsession with pinning Hey Girls during #PinChat, a weekly Twitter chat hosted by my friend Kelly. Check out my Hey Girl Hall of Fame Board and Beki’s Hey Girl: The Collection for some inspiration to create your own Pinterest/Hey Girl thing. Then I was on high alert to find Ryan and Hey Girl around the office. I found some fun things!

hey girl focus


ryan wall

The very best part about Pinterest was learning that Pinterest uses Pinterest and it’s fans as inspiration for their own creativity. How cool is that? The PR department created this little lounge area and the marquee Pinterest P idea was found on Pinterest! I need to find that pin and make that light for my office which means I find the pin, get the supplies and ask my husband to help.

pinterest lounge

Pinterest P

My friend Megan wanted to see photos of the creative work spaces which were frankly everywhere but this particular space was used for creative brainstorming sessions. Imagine the great goodies coming to Pinterest from all those post-it notes!

Pinterest brainstorming

This space was at the bottom of the stairs and could be used for meetings or a coffee break. The designers used washi tape to decorate the walls since they didn’t have official artwork yet. One wall of shelves was filled with vintage cameras and typewriters, two things I love!collage

Pinterest photo

Push it

I’m going to recreate this board in my office for my team. It’s Push It board, based on the Salt ‘n Pepper song, this board highlights the accomplishments of the Pinterest team. It’s located in a hallway where people pass by frequently. It’s a nice reminder of their highlights. A few things on the wall: secret boards and rich pins. Two things that made me, and pinners everywhere, very happy. Celebrating success as a team is sure to bred success in the future.

push it wallPinterest really cares about pinners and their Pinterest experience.

Pin the world
Our lovely guide works on PR for Pinterest. I asked her what her favorite thing about working at Pinterest was aside from, of course, working at Pinterest. She said she flew to Paris for the Pinterest launch party for a few days. How exciting is that? Pinterest is very proud to be going global.

A few things I learned from my Pinterest visit:

  1. Live your brand to the fullest extent.
  2. Pinterest is a social media marketing machine!
  3. Being in a creative, visually interesting workspace is important.
  4. Teamwork creates harmony and a great product.
  5. They practice what they preach. Each week they get together and someone teaches a craft to the team.
  6. You can be a serious business with a great sense of humor.
  7. Use your own product .
  8. FOCUS


I hope you enjoyed this photo essay of my Pinterest visit. I wasn’t there very long but it made a huge impression on me. Thank you so much to Pinterest for allowing Guy and I to come and visit your fantastic offices.

If I didn’t already have the world’s greatest job, I would love to work at Pinterest.

By hey, Pinterest, I’m available for guest pinning, guest blogging, consulting, collaborative boards, you name it! Guy and I are ready to work with you on a social media Pinterest campaign. I hope to go back to visit Pinterest next time I go to San Francisco and really get a chance to learn more about Pinterest from the inside out.

All these photos and more are on my Pinterest Geek Day board. I’ll be writing more about the rest of my Geek Day trip soon. I wish you all could have come with me!



Thank you to Guy Kawasaki for sharing some of your personal photos with me for this article.

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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My Pinteresting Visit to the Pinterest HQ
A sneak peek into the new headquarters of Pinterest! My visit to their offices with tons of photos.
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