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Tips for Smarter Pinning

Tips for Smarter Pinning

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There’s more to Pinterest than “just pinning” and learning a few extra tips can maximize your Pinterest activities. While I love to spend time pinning, I also maximize my time there by finding ways to use it for creating content that I can share on other social platforms and learn while I’m there. These are a few things that I wanted to share for this week’s Fab Five Friday.

1. Repinly “helps you find the most popular pins, boards, and pinners on Pinterest. I particularly enjoy the Pinterest Stats page.


2. How to Add a Pinterest Widget to Your Website


3.  Pinstamatic Fantastic tool that you can use to add Twitter profiles, calendar items, and more to pin boards. I created the two pins with red arrows pointing to them with Pinstamatic.


 4. Follow interesting boards on Pinterest! Top 40 Pinterest Boards You Should Follow

5. When you find something cool on Pinterest, pin it on a board and then share your pin. Don’t miss the opportunity to share your pins! I see many avid pinner missing the opportunity to share their Pinterest pins or boards.

What are your favorite Pinterest tips or tricks?

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Featured image courtesy of Krug6 via Creative Commons.

Article by Peg Fitzpatrick

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wonderoftech 1 Like

Hi Peggy, Wow, what a great resource for Pinterest tools! I definitely have to check out Repinly. Their Pinterest Stats page is fascinating. 


I used Pretty Pinterest Pins in my sidebar to show my latest pins. You can control which boards show as well as how many pins are displayed. I love the added beauty that the widget adds to my site.


I also am a big fan of group boards. When I pin something to one of my group boards I get a lot more repins and sometimes new followers. Group boards are a way to share your pins much more broadly than pinning them to one of your own boards.


Thanks for all of these great tips, Peggy!


 @wonderoftech I'll have to go check out your blog with the Pretty Pinterest Pins, I've tried a few of them but didn't settle on one yet. 


I like group boards but I'm also hesitant to accept requests from people I don't know since it shows on my profile. One board that I joined ended up having spammy content. I do have several boards that are collaborative boards that I love.

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 @PegFitzpatrick Good point about group boards with spammy content. I haven't run across that issue before, luckily!


I have been very pleased with Pretty Pinterest Pins. The load time of my site doesn't seem to be affected by it and I haven't had any problems with it.

Rebekah Radice
Rebekah Radice 1 Like

I haven't used Pinstamatic yet Peg, but love the look of it. I'm going to have to pop over and give it a try! Thank you for the mention of my Top 40 article. Their are some great pinners listed there with YOU at the top of the list! :)

PegFitzpatrick 1 Like

 @Rebekah Radice What would I do without an awesome friend like you? Good thing I don't need to find out!


Pinstamatic is really handy and I've used it quite a bit. 

Latest blog post: Peggy_ad_1


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